All Over Pig Hoodie

Gear up for the most awaited black pullover hoodie with pink pigs all over it! The Shane Dawson, All Over Pig hoodie is the perfect article to own, why? Well, to start with a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester lined in the interior of the All Over Pig Hoodie makes it utmost comfortable. Not only is it beautiful on the outside, but one touch of the inner layer of the Dawson Merch speaks for itself. Moreover, we are totally in love with the 100% pure cotton used in the making of the hoodie’s exterior. Before this one of a kind print hoodie runs out again, get yours!

all over pig hoodie

Black Color with White Text Shane Dawson Merch Hoodie

If you thought this was all that the awesomeness Shane brought on the table for his killer merch, you are mistaken. This YouTuber never fails with his launch, or creative designs, as the Black Color with White Text Shane Dawson Merch Hoodie is breathtaking. We all love a little hint of conspiracy here and there to keep us thinking quick on our feet, so why not celebrate one of the best conspiracy theorists out there with the trendiest hoodie on the market. Thus, the White Text Shane Dawson Black hoodie stands out with all its glory with the eye of providence in the centre. The design on this hoodie is worth all the money, as the symbolic meaning behind it is mind-boggling. So, all Dawson fans get your Eye of Providence hoodie and the eye of Shane always by your side!

Conspiracy Hoodie

As the Lord of Conspiracy Theories once said, “You’ll never know where life is gonna take you…” Therefore, always look flawless, and what better way than your very own Conspiracy Hoodie from the Shane Dawson Merch. The conspiracy hoodie speaks for itself, as the design has the most simplistic logo on the front, while a showstopper waiting at the backside of the hoodie. Any fan would be lucky to own a hoodie with such a priceless message in the design, so what are you waiting for? Get your conspiracy hoodie before stocks run low.

  • Conspiracy Hoodie

Diet Cola Hoodie

To all the Dawson fans were excited with the tiny glimpses of the new merch, but as soon as it hit the market the Diet Cola Hoodie was an instant hit. Firstly, the hoodie is the perfect present for any Dawson fan, as the grey embroidery on the front looks marvellous. Do you know what the best part of the Heather Grey Cotton Cola Hoodie is? It is the awesome discounted price you can get it for, just $36.99. isn’t that exciting? The Diet Hoodie is available on the Shane Dawson site for $45, but you avail the same classic design at a much lower price.

Diet Hoodie

EdiTEAing Mustard Black Hoodie

If you were looking for something that would revamp your mundane fashion, no need to look any further because the Shane Dawson Merch caters to the style of all fans. The EdiTEAing Mustard Black Hoodie is the perfect everyday wear for any young, ambitious conspiracy lover. Wondering why the EdiTEAing hoodie is contesting for the few spots in our top? Well, any individual wearing it would look dressed for any occasion, as it has the wittiest design with the cute tea logo on the left arm and the editing on the front. Apart from these iconic design essentials, the colour of the hoodie, Mustard and Black makes the details stand out even more. There are other colour combinations available in-store to appease your taste, so do not miss out on the chance to get your favourite Dawson Merch.

EdiTEAing Black Hoodie

Not to forget how Shane has not forgotten who has been there for him through thick and thin, as he subtly honours Andrew Siwicki in his EdiTEAing hoodie. If you are not aware of the importance of Andre Swicki in Dawson’s life, you might be living under a rock, but do not worry we are here to tell you everything about his merch design. Many might already be aware of Andrew Siwicki, who has been editing Dawson’s Youtube videos has helped film and edit among the most Youtube videos, like The secret of Jeffree Star, The Mind of Jake Paul, and many more. Thus, from the constant efforts of Andrew, he is inspired to release his chic everyday wear EdiTEAing hoodie. No one knows better than Shane Dawson to be inspired by the little things and the most important people in their lives.

You can get your hands on the most iconic designs and a plethora of Shane Dawson Hoodies at the most economical prices. Not to forget how each article available online has been crafted especially with love for all the conspiracy-lovers, so look major fashion-forward in your amazing merch hoodies.