Shane Dawson Social Media Stats in 2020

PewDiePie isn’t the only internet sensation that achieved incredible things by connecting with a YouTube audience and developing a dedicated community. There are tons of other people out there, from Markiplier, to the Game Grumps, that have achieved their goals in the digital world with a powerful following. Today, we’re looking at Shane Dawson Social Media.

This American YouTube star has become one of the best-known names on the internet over the years. His fun-loving videos, dedication to his audience, and his quirky merch line have captured the attention of people all over the globe. Born Shane Lee Yaw, the 30-year-old influencer and content creator boasts over 23.3 million subscribers.

Since launching his career in 2008 on YouTube, Dawson has achieved a huge number of goals, including becoming an entrepreneur in literature, acting, and comedy. Currently, Shane is worth around $12 million.

An Intro to Shane Dawson’s Career

Shane has always been a creative person with love for video as his main source of media. During his time in high school, he preferred to submit school projects in the form of video with help from his fellow creative friends. By the time 2008 rolled around, ShaneDawsonTV had arrived on YouTube.

Shane didn’t make his millions with YouTube immediately. He also worked with his mother and brother in a weight loss center for a while. Unfortunately, Shane was later kicked out of this job because he made a video using the center as a backdrop.

Fortunately, losing his job in the real world gave Shane a chance to focus more on his creative pursuits – particularly on YouTube.

Shane Dawson on YouTube

As mentioned above, the Shane Dawson YouTube channel now has over 23.3 million subscribers, with the number growing every day. Although Shane has had a very steady stream of popularity over the years, he’s also been the source of a lot of controversy too, for creating videos that his followers considered to be rude or in poor taste.

After a few outcries from followers who didn’t appreciate Dawson’s style of humor, the artist decided to change his approach and take a friendlier look at the YouTube landscape. Today, his videos are less likely to spark arguments, although they maintain a unique sense of personality. Shane also simultaneously runs his Shane Dawson TV channel alongside his primary YouTube account. The Shane Dawson TV channel has 8,400,000 subscribers.

Recently, Shane announced that he has been cutting down on the number of videos that he uploads to YouTube, because mean comments from trolls have been hurting his feelings. Dawson noted that a lot of messages from fans had been commenting on his weight. Fortunately, there are still many updates from the Shane Dawson “Shane” channel, including those that highlight his collaboration with Jeffree Star. Shane and Jeffree worked together recently on a makeup line.

Shane Dawson on Social Media

On social media, Shane also has a powerful and active presence across several platforms. Although there are a number of pages dedicated to Shane on Facebook, he doesn’t seem to have an official account of his own. However, it’s a different story on Instagram.

Shane’s official Instagram page @ShaneDawson is where he regularly posts videos and pictures from his life with his partner, his past, and his experimentations in the world of makeup and beauty products. The account has a following of over 11.9 million at the time of writing this article.

Shane Dawson on instagram

Elsewhere, Shane is also very popular on Twitter. He’s probably the most active on his Twitter page out of any social channel, constantly updating messages and pictures from various parts of his life. On Twitter, he currently has more than 9.9 million followers.

Shane Dawson on Social Media

Whether you love Shane for his documentary-style videos on YouTube, or his down-to-earth and inspiring posts across Twitter and Instagram, there are plenty of ways to get involved with the star. There’s no doubt that this YouTube influencer will continue to gain more attention in the years ahead.