Shane Lee Yaw, a well-known as Shane Dawson a kind of celebrity quite famous as an American YouTuber, Vlogger & as a social media artist. Besides this, Shane also got the versatility of being a comedian, writer, director & actor as well, the social networking accounts of Shane with top trending posts on social media admires his stardom & fame to the top & tend to increase the followers with a wide audience on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube as well as Snap chat, the content describes every minor detail about his social networking accounts deeply that includes the top post of his every social media account with most likes & followers & also discuss the kind of merch he used to wear while posting the photos, Shane Dawson Social Artist contains very charming, loving & comedian artist & he had a great passion for making videos since his childhood.

In March 2008, he turned his passion into a profession by starting working with his mother & brother to broadcast his Youtube channel named ShaneDawsonTv. He uploaded a video of dancing himself in a pool of buildings he worked for & fired by a company of making a video in August 2008. His mother, brother & six other workers also used to expel after this video. His social media accounts got so much hype because of his versatility in making fun as he is considered to be a fine artist in his professional & also due to some controversies in his career that became all over popular in the social media platform, With the online popularity, Shane also face much criticism due to his laughing activities & also in his various projects.

Once he shares a joke which results in a backlash from his fans, but with so funny enough, this also led to follow the new fans who were unaware of him before. His documentary projects the secret world of Jeffery star & the mind of Jake Paul also face controversies of being racist. He once describes six years old Instagram star as sexy who later accused him of pedophilia.  A podcast clip of Shane admitting to having sex with the cat when he was 19, his fans didn’t take it so well & soon after he apologized through twitter & denied the allegation of saying it as a false. The content explains the top five activities of each social media account with most of likes & followers on it

Top views YouTube videos

Shane is considered as a Youtuber for the audience as he put debut in 2008 by using Youtube media network & the social activities of Youtube always being a part of his soul, he got 23.3 million subscribers with 1684 posted videos in which investigating conspiracies with Shane Dawson is at top of the chart with 41 million views & also got 1.8 million likes on it. The kind of documentary movie of one hour & thirty minutes approximately in which Shane used to wear a black hoodie & also a black T-shirt & in some scenes he used to wear orange-red were in some shoot he preferred to wear Blue T-shirt. Mind-blowing conspiracies theories are at number 2 with most views of 36 million with 1.3 million likes, Shane used to wear a dark red sweatshirt in most scenes & at the end.

He used to wear a dark brown casual jacket, third-most viewed Youtube video of Shane is the return of Eugenia Cooney & that have 1.9 million views on it with most likes & the merch used by Shane is of dark grey & black color hoodies & T-shirt, The beautiful world of Jefferey Star considered his 4th most popular video as it got 27 million views with 1.5 million likes on it, Shane used to wear zip hoodie jacket of dark blue color with pink wrinkles on it, at number 5th spot, The secrets of the beauty world with 23 million & got 1.2 million likes on it & Shane used to wear a light grey hoodie in this video.

Latest videos of Shane Dawson

The latest Youtube videos of Shane include the beautiful world of Shane Dawson, The conspiracy collection reveal, The ugly side of the beautiful world & The 20 million dollar deal with Jeffree Star with 20,21,17,20 million views respectively, Shane used the clothing merch of T-shirt, sweatshirt, zipped jacket & hoodies of different colors

Instagram’s top 5 posts

Shane Dawson Social Artist has a well popular graph on Instagram contains 11.8 million followers with 4528 posts on it, the most popular Instagram posts of him was running towards finding a bathroom when his hemmhorid pad slipped & the video got the popularity of  7 million views & Shane promoted black color dressing in this video, the 2nd most popular post of chick-Fil-a sauce, a comic video in which everything went wrong & got 5.89 million views.

The 3rd most popular with his boyfriend in the kitchen where couple fights caught on camera & which got 5.2 million views, the merch used by him was a black hoodie,  at number 4 Shane wants help from his partner with some creepy stuff on his hand & video got 4.6 million likes & he used to wear a black T-shirt,  At last, the video of dancing JoJo Siwa in the living room of Shane & he considered the best night of his life & video got 4.3 million likes &  he used to wear a grey shirt with a black hoodie on it

Latest Instagram posts

The latest Instagram posts include the most loveable person Ryland Adams birthday in which he posted the five photos of him by wishing his birthday & post got 1.3 million likes on it, the 2nd most latest post on the occasion of mother’s day by posting his childhood photo with his mother & express his love to his mother & post contains 1.5 million views, the post with  reland hoodie with pink pig cup up that promotes the name of his love that got 1.3 million likes.

Twitter top trend

‘My merch store is restocked’ is the status of Shane’s twitter account having 10 million followers, the most likes on twitter posts is an animated photo of a cartoon sketch which got 116.1k likes with 8.4k retweets, the 2nd most popular was the photos of his love in front of mobile cam with ladies dressing & dark brown hairs which got 110.1k likes with 3k retweets, 3rd one is the festival of easter& he posted the photos of his childhood with his grandmother & mother & post got 109.5 likes with 2.7 retweets,  at number 4 he showed the loved for his pets & posted their photos that got 107.4k likes with 4.2k tweets & at last also the picture of his pet with long hairs & he made a status of quarantines going great which got 106k likes with 5k retweets

Latest tweets

In his latest tweet, he posted a girl cartoon sketch with like this shows that creativity is the best thing ever, in other latest tweets he supports for donations to BLM & also gave this indication again posted by a sketch in which he wrote donate to BLM for a sketch.