Shane Dawson a kind of achiever & a celebrity of a blogger, Youtuber as well as social media artist.  By keeping so much fam, he also has a merch where he promotes his way of styling in terms of clothing & other accessories. Last year, Shane release the Pig merch collection with Jeffree Star & keeps his promotion very exhausted with him. Well, not only in Pig merch, both celebrities share the mutual channel to promotes the cosmetics products to the audience. At the end of October last year, both celebrities decided to inaugurate the conspiracy collection to the audience & share the new product of cosmetics by uploading the more than one hour video on their channel. Shane Dawson X Jeffrey Star brilliantly impressed the audience.

Conspiracy Palette

Well, the conspiracy collections contain are the products of bold full pigment shadows along with luxuriously smooth liquid lipsticks. But the success of conspiracy palette hit genuinely the project of both celebrities. A beautifully well design with the best texture of CONSPIRACY attracts the fashion-lovers externally. The outer body is purely made of leather with an addition of shiny texture to reach the product to the next level. Well, it’s not externally the thing is best, the reviews got the positive word of mouth by given the desire world of beauty. The palette has a mixture of light & dark shades enhances the beauty of face features.

Shop the latest Palette of Jeffery Star

After the success of Conspiracy Palette, the combo merch have also the list of latest & advanced products of Jeffery star Palette.

Cremated Palette

The white color packed kit of Cremated palette contains all the stars having the normal size to carry. The outer packaging is marble having a grey window with the logo of JSC. The outer shell having an unreal makeup sketch of Jeffery & inside having 24 shades of smoky eye dream. From pure white diamond shades to darkest black matte eyeshadow, Cremated Palette has a lot of tones.

Jawbreaker Palette

One of the biggest collections of Jeffery Star, Jawbreaker consider to be part of this collection. This Palette considers to be the next level of rainbows having 24 shadows in it. The Palette having four rows of six shadows each with different formulas that have some amazing mattes along with some blinding shimmers.

Blood Lust Palette

The palette considers to be part three of blood sugar that was the red baby palette that broke all the records of top-selling. Blood lust palette is a little sneak peek of velvet hexagon having the box of purple theme. It’s like a vampire love sex devotion & palette box keeps the shadows intact that are unbreakable. Inside the hexagon box, the shadows are protected by velvet fabric having 18 shades inside it. The eclectic palette having different tones of purple having brand new formulas that never had been done before. Blood lust palette released in Feb 2020.

Blue blood Palette

The palette has the mimicking wood having a soft-touch matte look is the 2nd version of blood sugar. The specialty of this palette having the shades of mints like pastel blues, icy blues & also have wearable shades of some other colors. The palette has the combo of coffin & high-end luxury box with the availability of 18 shades.