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(Updated 28 May 2020)

Shane Dawson Biography

Shane Lee Yaw, a well-known as Shane Dawson a kind of celebrity quite famous as an American Youtuber, vlogger & as a social media artist. Besides this, Shane also got the versatility of being a comedian, writer, director & actor as well. The biography of Shane Dawson describes the whole life journey of him from his childhood life to Stardom or celebrity life.

The beginning of the Journey

Shane was born on 19th July, 1988. He grew up in Long Beach, California & used to study in Lakewood high school. He had the worst family experience due to his Dad’s alcoholic behaviour. They faced very abusive behaviour mentally as well as physically from his father in his childhood. But on the other hand, he was quite lucky to have the best siblings, two kind & supportive older brothers namely Jerid Yaw & Jacob Yaw. SHane was quite overweight when he became a teenager & with the help & support from his brothers, he used to lose 68 kg weight. Shane was a kind of funny character in his childhood & used to make people laugh. He was well known as the family’ funny bone also. During his high school life, he was very fond of making videos & mostly preferred to be part of his school projects.

Passion Turned into Profession

He had a great passion for making videos since his childhood. In March 2008, he turned his passion into a profession by starting working with his mother & brother to broadcast his Youtube channel named ShaneDawsonTv. He uploaded a video of dancing himself in a pool of buildings he worked for & fired by a company of making a video in August 2008. His mother, brother & six other workers also used to expel after this video.

Achievement with Rewards

With an emerging career, Shane followed the pattern of success with time. He nominated in the category of choice web star & teen choice award goes to him in 2010. Dawson also won the streamy award of the best vlogger in the same year. He plays the multiple characters of his videos included Shanaynay, Shane’s mom, Ned, the Nerd, Superhuman Switch, Aunt Hilda, etc. With the success of his third channel named Shane, he also had his most successful work that contains The truth about TanaCon, the secret world of Jeffery star, the mind of Jake Paul & conspiracy series with Shane Dawson are included. These contain the genre of documentary series & investigation. His youtube channels collectively contain more than 16.4 million subscribers & more than 3 billion views.

Love’s Life

With such intense fame, the love life of Shane Dawson describes as a silent. He used to date Nadine Sykora, his first girlfriend, from December 2010 to November 2011. Nadine also had his Youtube page. After that, he had a girlfriend named Lisa Schwartz who was a fellow youtube star. He used to date her from 2011 to 2015 & finally parted ways. The reason behind breakup was the confusion of being bisexual. This confusion turned into reality with the blissful relationship, when he had linked to Ryland Adams & with the dating of three years, Shane proposed to him in March 2019 & Adam said yes. Rayland also in the industry of being hosting, also a writer as well as a producer of web series.

A Rise Towards Fame

The moment came in his life with the release of a video Fred is dead in September 2008, which became a massive hit with 24 million views ever since. This helped him to boost his career & soon he launched his 2ndYoutube channel ShaneDawsonTV2 in 2009, he started to make the concern of making professional content like web series films, trailers & music videos parodies & original music albums.

Popularity with Controversies

With the online popularity, Shane also faces much criticism due to his laughing activities & also in his various projects. Once he shares a joke which results in a backlash from his fans, but with so funny enough, this also led to follow the new fans who were unaware of him before. His documentary projects the secret world of Jeffery star & the mind of Jake Paul also face controversies of being racist. He once describes six years old Instagram star as sexy who later accused him of paedophilia. A podcast clip of Shane admitting to having sex with the cat when he was 19, his fans didn’t take it so well & soon after he apologized through twitter & denied the allegation of saying it as a false.

Love with Pets

Shane Dawson also showed love for pets especially cats & dogs are his favourites. He has four dogs & two cats named Miley,
Charlie, Unicorn & Chocolate, and two cats Muffy & Snoop are very closed to him. He believes that these pets are man’s best friends.

Net Worth

Shane Dawson has an asset of $12 million with the huge popularity & immense fan following. He proved himself a popular author, social media artist as well as great versatility with different areas of keeping working.

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